2022113日,据欧盟食品安全局(EFSA)消息,应欧盟委员会要求,动物饲料添加剂和产品(FEEDAP)研究小组被要求就两种迷迭香提取物(two solvent extracts of rosemary)作为猫和狗饲料添加剂的安全性和有效性发表科学意见。




Following a request from the European Commission, EFSA was asked to deliver a scientific opinion on the safety and efficacy of two rosemary extracts obtained from the ■■■■■ of Rosmarinus officinalis L., as a technological (antioxidant) feed additive for cats and dogs. The two rosemary extracts were obtained through two different solvent extraction methods, acetone and ethanol. The additives were specified to contain carnosic acid and carnosol as the reference antioxidative compounds at a minimum content of their sum as 10% in the case of the acetone extract and 5% for the ethanol extract. based on the data available, the FEEDAP Panel concluded that the maximum safe concentrations of the additives in feed were 300 and 50 mg/kg feed, for dogs and cats, respectively. No data on potential effects on respiratory system were available; however, as the products are in liquid form, the FEEDAP Panel considered that the exposure through inhalation is unlikely. The additives were shown to be irritant to skin and consequently they were considered also eye irritants. Due to the lack of data, the FEEDAP Panel cannot conclude on the potential of the additives to be skin sensitisers. The food and feed matrices in which the additives are intended to be used are of comparable nature. Therefore, the antioxidant effect observed when the additives are used in food is expected to be observed also when the additives are used in feed at the recommended concentrations.





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