欧盟评估植物乳杆菌DSM 8862和植物乳杆菌DSM 8866作为所有动物饲料添加剂的授权更新申请

20221026日,欧盟食品安全局(EFSA)发布消息,欧盟食品安全局(EFSA)发布关于植物乳杆菌(Lactiplantibacillus plantarumDSM 8862和植物乳杆菌DSM 8866作为所有动物饲料添加剂的授权更新申请的评估。




Following a request from the European Commission, the EFSA Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) was asked to deliver a scientific opinion on the assessment of the application for renewal of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum ssp. plantarum (formerly Lactobacillus plantarum ssp. plantarum) DSM 8862 and Lactiplantibacillus plantarum ssp. argentoratensis (formerly Lactobacillus plantarum ssp. argentoratensis) DSM 8866 as a technological additive to improve ensiling of forage for all animal species. There is no new evidence that would lead the FEEDAP Panel to reconsider its previous conclusions. Thus, the Panel concludes that the additive remains safe for all animal species, consumer and the environment under the authorised conditions of use. Regarding user safety, the additive is not a skin irritant but no conclusions can be drawn on the eye irritancy potential of the additive nor to the skin sensitisation potential. The additive should be considered a respiratory sensitiser. There is no need for assessing the efficacy of the additive in the context of the renewal of the authorisation.





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