欧盟评估植物乳杆菌菌株ATCC 55058和ATCC 55942作为所有动物饲料添加剂的功效

20221031日,据欧盟食品安全局(EFSA)消息,应欧盟委员会要求,欧盟动物饲料添加剂和产品(FEEDAP)研究小组就植物乳杆菌(Lactiplantibacillus plantarum)菌株ATCC 55058ATCC 55942作为所有动物饲料添加剂的功效有效性发表科学意见。


  经过评估,专家小组认为添加植物乳杆菌菌株ATCC 55058ATCC 55942具有改善青贮过程的潜力。部分原文报道如下:


Following a request from the European Commission, EFSA was asked to deliver a scientific opinion on the efficacy of two technological additives to improve ensiling of forages consisting of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum (formerly Lactobacillus plantarum) strains ATCC 55058 and ATCC 55942, respectively, for all animal species. Both additives are intended for use with all forages and for all animal species at a proposed minimum concentration of 5 ×106 colony forming units (CFU)/kg forage. In two previous opinions, the FEEDAP Panel could not conclude on their efficacy due to the absence of any significant evidence of nutrient preservation. based on three new efficacy studies provided by the applicant as supplementary information, the FEEDAP Panel concluded that the addition of L. plantarum strains ATCC 55058 or ATCC 55942, have the potential to improve the ensiling process by reducing protein degradation in all type of forages as indicated by the reduction of ammonia production.





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